Stretch and the City Yoga was founded back in 2013 by Jasmine Pradhan with a vision to try and make London a little more enjoyable. To encourage peace to replace stress, health to triumph over sickness, and to offer respite from the pressures of city living through a carefully curated programme of yoga classes/workshops/retreats designed to refresh, renew, and revitalise even the most burnt out city swinger.

Here at Stretch and the City Yoga, we believe that every individual already has the tools they need to achieve true happiness and wellbeing, but sometimes they just need a little help discovering them. A dedicated yoga practice can be the key to that toolbox, and our aim is to facilitate that discovery for our clients.

With a combination of attention to alignment for safety, and tailor made class plans to bring the postures to life, Stretch and the City classes aim to build gentle heat, strength and flexibility in the body, whilst simultaneously bringing a sense of deep release and calm to the mind. The classes are a perfect blend of physical exertion and more contemplative, introspective exploration.

There are many ways to enjoy Stretch and the City Yoga and We have something for everyone, seasoned practitioners and brand new beginners alike:

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