Bespoke Beginner classes can be an invaluable way to get to grips with basic asanas (postures) and common sequences. Ideal in preparation for, or alongside, mixed ability classes. 1-2-1 sessions allow you the opportunity to work at your own pace, and to ensure that you have understood the important alignment principles for each physical posture (group classes can sometimes run too quickly to really absorb this information), in order to gain the most from your practice.


Bespoke Intermediate tutoring can be useful if there is a particular asana (pose) or element of meditation or yoga philosophy that you would like to explore further, and at your own pace. The individual attention of a 1-2-1 class allows our skilled teachers to really understand your physicality and help you to unlock the secrets to achieving or working deeper into a posture with your unique physical and mental make up in mind.

All Bespoke classes can take place in the comfort of your own home, or if necessary we can hire a studio space, although the price will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Bespoke sessions are suitable for 1-4 people and the pricing is as follows (based on sessions taking place in a client’s home/workplace).

All prices are per 60 minute session (not per person) are eligible for a 10% discount if a block of 10 are booked.

1-2 People £70
3-4 People £90

At Stretch and the City we want yoga to be accessible to everyone and occasionally we are able to offer scholarships or discounts to practitioners who are on low incomes. Please email us with any queries.

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